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Search Engine Optimization Expert: Tia Jones

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Tia has over 10 years of experience leading Digital Teams for an array of companies small, large and every size in between. Through her vast technical skills in Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing experience; Tia has successfully increased the online visibility and sales of clients in many industries. Such as Tourism, Real Estate, Insurance, Automotive, Fashion, Health, Music, Pet, Technology, SaaS and more.

Tia began her digital marketing career in 2006 by reverse engineering search results to understand how to rank websites more prominently within them. A proven innovator of successful marketing strategies geared towards increasing return-on-investment, fueled by a rare combination of intelligence, creativity and perseverance. Tia has a deeply ingrained thirst for knowledge and an ongoing commitment to education and improvement. 

Agency, E-commerce, Technical SEO, Local Citations, Link Building, Content Strategies, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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